Issue 83 | November 2012
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Welcome to the November issue of 2DArtist. Yes that’s right, November is here, and as the nights are getting darker, the cold of winter is closing in and firework season is upon us, we bring you an explosive issue, full of exciting tutorials to warm up your creative skills!

Things start with a bang this month with our stunning front cover, a ruthless loan shark that Denis Zilber has created for our Cartoon Creation 101 series, in which our artists show us how to design and paint basic cartoon characters.

Next up we bring you another exciting installment from our Weapon Design series, where our artists are demonstrating how to design different weapon concepts to fit in various situations and environments for the games industry. This month talented concept artist Brian Sum takes us through the design and concept stage of his shoulder mounted weapons, through to adding textures and the final touches.

In this month’s issue we have the penultimate chapter of our Six Realms series, where our artists have been showing us how to design six diverse, fantasy realms from the same world. One of the appeals of many modern computer games is the ability to explore vast worlds created by talented teams of artists and designers. You can wander around, venturing from one realm to another, absorbing impressive landscapes while tackling challenges and enemies of every description. One of the challenges faced by the concept artists working on a game like this is creating a variety of environments that still look consistent design-wise. This time around Richard Tilbury takes on the challenge as he describes the painting process behind his jungle realm.

Bart Toingson gets in the ring with our Custom Brushes for Character series this month, as he takes his un-textured character and slaps him with custom brushes to create a beaten up thug. Bart demonstrates how to create the custom brushes and how he uses them to detail his character to get this effect.

In this month’s Making Of Andrei Pervukhin shows us how he made his image Hell Saloon, where there is a twist to the classic western scene.

To top things off we have an interview with talented artists and designers Stuart and Donna Jennett, who talk about their versatile design studio Alien Apple Studios. We also have the sketchbook of brilliant concept artist Johannes Helgeson. As if that wasn’t enough, we have our usual stunning gallery, featuring work by Edvige Faini, Nicholas Hong, Ivan Kashubo and lots more talented artists.


What's in this month...
Interview: Alien Apple Studios

The Sketchbook of: Johannes Helgeson

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 2D Artworks

Tutorial Series: Weapon Design - Chapter 3: Shouder - Mounted Weapons by Brian Sum

Tutorial Series: The Six Realms - Chapter 5: Swamp/Marshland by Richard Tilbury

Tutorial Series: Cartoon Creation 101 - Chapter 3: Loan Shark by Denis Zilber

Tutorial Series: Custom Brushes for Characters - Chapter 3: Beaten-up Thug by Bart Tiongson

Making Of: The Hell Saloon- Project Overview
by Andrei Pervukhin

Promotion: Digital Art Masters:v7 - Free Chapter Book Promotion