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What in this month…
Exploring unconscious creativity: Concept artist Alex Andreyev discusses the ideas behind his surreal work

Intricate illustration: Traditional illustrator Xavier Casalta shows us his detailed stippling work

Experiment with style: Tran Nguyen talks to us about her exciting upcoming projects

The Gallery: The work of Kushal Tikle and Juan Pablo Lozano are among the top 10 recent images

Photo-bashing for speed painting: Learn how to incorporate photo textures into your speed painting work

Play with perspective: Juan Novelletto shows how you can use perspective to enhance your sci-fi compositions

Paint a space buggy: Use simple light techniques to paint a cool sci-fi vehicle scene

Paint an abandoned war machine: Use quick Photoshop techniques to create an impressive military scene

Digital Art Master: Wanchana Intrasombat: Discover how the master creates his cartoon style character scenes

Issue 122 | February 2016
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Welcome to 2dartist issue 122!

This month in 2dartist we have more fantastic tutorials, including a guide to using photo-bashing in your speed paintings from Alejandro Olmeda, and the next installment in Juan Novelletto’s series on sci-fi fundamentals. Sung Choi shows how you can quickly and simply use Photoshop to paint an abandoned war machine, and Joseba Alexander demonstrates light techniques in a space buggy scene.

Also in this issue you can find 10 more inspirational gallery images, the detailed work of traditional illustrator Xavier Casalta and an interview with the fantastic Alex Andreyev. Don’t forget to check out the details of our new Challenge Gallery competition too!


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