Issue 112 | April 2015
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Welcome to 2dartist issue 112!

Welcome to issue 112 of 2dartist! In this month’s issue you’ll find stunning imagery and brilliant ways to get sketching and painting characters. Sabrina Miramon shares her process of painting a themed pin-up girl, as well as an exclusive interview. We learn how to sketch a believable character with Brun Croes and explore dynamic characters with Hugo Richard!

With a host of helpful tutorials, stunning artwork and useful advice, we hope this issue has everything you need to be inspired and creative this month. Enjoy!


What in this month…
Creating stylized girls: Freelance illustrator Sabrina Miramon shares her playful artwork and techniques

Dynamic character sketches: We explore Hugo Richard’s traditional and digital character sketchbook

The gallery: Will Murai and Benoit Godde feature in this issue’s gallery selection of our top 10 images

Paint the perfect pin-up: Sabrina Miramon guides you through her creative workflow to paint a vintage pin-up in Photoshop

Improve your creativity: Pedro Lopes shares his fast-paced speed-painting tips and techniques

Learn how to sketch a character: Brun Croes demonstrates how to create a believable main character for an illustration

Render a stone robot: Mikhail Rakhmatullin introduces the workflow used to design and paint his Forest Guardian

Sketching from the Imagination - Fantasy: David Habben: Discover David Habben’s detailed and colorful fantasy sketches