2dartist issue 134 is out now, featuring detailed tutorials, interviews with awesome artists, plenty of inspiring images– and more! Check out the sneak peek!

For this month’s interviews, Ashley Mackenzie shares her highly emotive illustrations for books and magazines, and Bartłomiej Gaweł showcases his work on The Witcher games. Traditional artist Sam Ectoplasm discusses her raw, visceral illustrations, and Sean Andrew Murray shares sketches from his extensive fantasy world.

Also in this issue, Eduardo Rodriguez and Maciej Sidorowicz show how to plein air paint changing environments, and Klaus Pillon demonstrates how to speed paint impressive water effects. James Wolf Strehle teaches the fundamental elements of perfecting perspective in fantasy art, Jan Weßbecher shows us how he creates his dark futuristic illustrations, and much more!


Dramatic games concepts

Explore the powerful concept art behind The Witcher games

Art direction: Katarzyna Redesiuk © CD PROJEKT S. A.

Emotive editorial illustrations

Ashley Mackenzie shares some insight in to the world of editorial illustrations

© Ashley Mackenzie

Surreal and visceral illustrations

Discover the intertwined and complex art of Sam Ectoplasm

© Sam Ectoplasm

Sketching new worlds

Sean Andrew Murray talks about how he uses his sketchbook as a tool for discovery

© Sean Andrew Murray

Speed painting magic effects: water

Klaus Pillon takes you through the process of creating a magic fantasy speed painting

© Klaus Pillon

Capture a changing seascape

Learn how to adapt your digital painting skills for a moving environment

© Eduardo Rodriguez

Plein air paint a ruin

Use Procreate and an iPad to create plein air paintings of ruined and decaying buildings

© Maciej Sidorowicz

Fantasy fundamentals: Perspective

James Wolf Strehle demonstrates the fundamentals of perspective in fantasy art

© James Wolf Strehle

Creating a dark futuristic painting

Jan Weßbecher takes you through his process for creating Celsius 13-Crone

© Jan Weßbecher

Digital painting using photographs

See how stock photos can quickly enhance your digital paintings

© Alex Figini

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