Issue 64 | April 2011
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Welcome to the 64th issue of 2DArtist. I hope the weather is improving where you are as it is here. It may be tempting to get outside and enjoy some sunshine, but if you would rather stay inside and get some painting done, 2DArtist is here to provide the inspiration and tutorials you need.

This issue is crammed with some fantastic articles. I know you are going to love it! We will start this month by talking about the interview. This month we catch up with one of the most talented design studios in the UK, perhaps even the world - Atomhawk Design. 3DTotal and Atomhawk have just completed work on a fantastic printed book ‘The Art of Atomhawk design’ which is available in the 3DTotal shop now. If you like what you see in this interview you should definitely check out the fantastic 192 page book. Atomhawk tell us how they rose like a phoenix from the ashes after the collapse of Midway games and have gone from strength to strength. This is definitely a company to keep your eyes on!

We have some fantastic artists contributing with tutorials this month. The first of these is our Art fundamentals series. Tomasz Jedruszek is back in this issue. Many of you will know that Tomasz is an outstanding illustrator, and therefore the ideal person to teach the art of story-telling in images. This tutorial may give you a totally different outlook to creating illustrations.

This month we also feature a tutorial by one of the Atomhawk Design team. Charlie Bowater is a new artist to both the Atomhawk team and 2DArtist magazine. In this issue she will be showing us how to paint a self-portrait from a photograph. This is a great tutorial and well worth a look at. I would also recommend checking out Charlie’s deviant art page, she is a cracking artist.

I don’t know about you but I found the first part of the comic book series very helpful and informative. In this issue David Nakayama picks up where he left of by inking his traditional sketch. David provides some really cool tips about cleaning up your line art in Photoshop that I know a lot of you will find very helpful.

Our Photoreal Fantasy Creatures series has been fascinating so far. Our artists have provided some really handy tips to help us make our illustrations as believable as possible. In this issue Weiye Yin shows us how he made his Yeti look real. He doesn’t only help us with the fantastic character, but also with its environment. There are a lot of cool tips in this one, and I am sure you will agree that the final image is very cool.

Wow, we really do have a lot of great content here, and I haven’t even mentioned the Making of by Songnan Li, the sketchbook by Robbie Lawrence or the gallery images by artists like Serge Birault, Branko Bistrovic, Steve Jung and Vanja Todoric.  I could talk all day about how good this issue is, but the only way that you will believe me is to have a look yourself. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


What's in this month...
Interview: Atomhawk Design

Sketchbook: The Sketchbook of Robbie Lawrence

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 2D Artworks

Tutorial Series: Art Fundamentals - Chapter 4: Story Telling by Tomasz Jedruszek

Tutorial Series: Portraiture - Chapter 6: Female Caricature
by Charlie Bowater

Tutorial Series: Mastering Comic Art - Chapter 2: Inking by David Nakayama

Tutorial Series: Photoreal Fantasy - Chapter 4: Yeti
by Weiye Yin

Making Of: Soul Hunting - Project Overview
by Songnan Li

Promotion: Digital Art Masters:v5 - Free Chapter Book Promotion