Issue 63 | March 2011
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The days are getting longer and the cold weather is on its way out! It’s time to rejoice and welcome the arrival of the sun! Well I hope that is the case where you are, here in Worcester in the U.K it is still cold and miserable outside. However the new issue of 2DArtist is enough to lighten anyone’s life!

I always get excited when the new magazine gets released and this month is no exception. We have some great artists and tutorials in this issue, and where is better to begin our focus than the front cover which is the handiwork of one of my favourite artists in the community today, Jason Seiler. Jason has been creating jaw dropping caricatures for years which is why he was the perfect person to ask to handle the next chapter in our Portraiture series. I don’t think I need to say much more about this one, but I will strongly recommend that check it out!

We really have been spoilt by some of the artists in this issue, and in our Realistic Fantasy Tutorial Tomasz Jedruszek continues the trend! Tomasz talks us through designing a creature that is realistic and therefore believable. Some of the points he brings out make so much sense I can’t wait to give them a go and design some of my own monsters.

If like me you were bought up by comic books and graphic novels our new series is definitely for you! David Nakayama kicks of his new three part series by showing us how to create our starting point, the sketch. This is another outstanding tutorial series, plus it gives us a good opportunity to get out our good old pencil and paper.

Another industry heavyweight is giving us some priceless advice in this month’s Art Fundamentals series. Marta Dahlig is famous for her character work, and is one of the best when it comes to portraying emotion. In this tutorial she will be showing us little tricks and techniques we can use to convey the mood and feeling we are aiming to. Yet again, this is a cracker!

With so many of my favourite artists handling our tutorials this month I thought I would continue the theme through to this month’s interview. This month we catch up with Branko Bistrovic who is not only an outstanding artist but also a top guy! Branko’s work is top notch, and if you are unfamiliar with him you should grab this opportunity to get to know his work. I don’t think there is anyone better at mixing innocent characters with creepy undertones!

This month’s sketchbook gives us a brief glance at the work of Clint Cearley. Clint is an interesting artist with varying influence that come out in his sketchbook. Every now and again I see a sketchbook where the artist clearly sketches with a purpose in mind, either to practice a technique or explore a subject matter, this is one of those occasions.

I will wrap things up by talking about our gallery and making of. Yap Jia Xing is this month’s making of artist and he shows us how he made his cute Fluffy Pup image. The gallery this month features work from Walter Barna, Claire Beard, Michael van den Bosch and many other talented artists. Take my word for it, this is a good one!


What's in this month...
Interview: Branko Bistrovic

Sketchbook: The Sketchbook of Clint Cearley

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 2D Artworks

Tutorial Series: Art Fundamentals - Chapter 3: Portraying Emotion by Marta Dahlig

Tutorial Series: Portraiture - Chapter 5: Male Caricature
by Jason Seiler

Tutorial Series: Mastering Comic Art - Chapter 1: Sketching by David Nakayama

Tutorial Series: Photoreal Fantasy - Chapter 3: Dragon
by Tomasz Jedruszek

Making Of: Fluffy Pup - Project Overview
by Yap Jia Xing

Promotion: Digital Art Masters:v5 - Free Chapter Book Promotion