Issue 70 | October 2011
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Sometimes it is really hard to choose the magazine cover because we have so much outstanding work in the magazine that we can’t decide. This month is a perfect example of this. This magazine is visually stunning throughout, with a jaw-droppingly inspirational collection of stunning work dispersed throughout its pages.

Because it was so hard to choose what to put on the cover, I thought that I would start by talking about the amazing image on it. Some artists just seem to get it right every time and Jason Seiler is one of those artists. Jason will be talking us through the latest installment of our Character Portrayal series by showing us how to paint an obese person. Jason’s tips and technique are really quite straight forward, observe closely and paint carefully. This makes it sound so much easier than it is but if you follow these rules closely the possibilities are really limitless as Jason demonstrates beautifully.

Anatomy and figure drawing is a real art. Some people really struggle to get to grips with it, whilst others excel at the skill. This month’s sketchbook artist is an animal anatomy expert and spends his days watching and observing the way animals move and recording their poses and anatomy. Joe Weatherly has kindly shared some of his observations with us, and demonstrates his outstanding knowledge of the way animals work. This is a really interesting sketchbook and well worth reading.

For this month’s issue we managed to find time in Jeremy Love’s busy freelance schedule to catch up with him. Jeremy has worked on some of the biggest IP’s like Chronicles of Narnia and Star Wars and churns out stunning image after stunning image. I would seriously recommend taking a good look at the images in this interview and on his site as they really are a visual treat.

Ignacio Bazan Lazcano has kindly wrapped up our tribal warriors series with an absolutely stunning image of a fantasy tribal warrior. Nacho never lets us down and in this tutorial he doesn’t only teach us how to design and paint our character, but also instructs us on some of the art fundamentals which will help us guarantee success in our own images. This is an exceptional tutorial!

Our Matte Painting series is wrapped up by Piotrek Swigut in this month’s issue as he looks at how to change the time of day in your Matte paintings. There is no need to be sad at the departure of these amazing tutorials as next month we start an amazing new series about creating vehicle concepts by painting over 3D. Levi Hopkins gets the series off to a start with an absolute cracker of an image.

David Smit and Nadia Karroue continue their excellent Creating New Worlds series for us this month by telling us how they designed their unique characters. There are no secrets withheld or details missed out in this stunning series so if you are designing your own world this is a must.

I am swiftly running out of space so I will quickly tell you about this month’s making of, which really is very interesting and helpful tutorial by David Munoz who tells us about the Icelandic Legend of Loftslay Blade. The creative decisions in this process are really interesting and worth taking a good look at.

The gallery is a treasure trove of outstanding work this month featuring artists like Alexey Egorov, Andreas Rocha, Ioan Dumitrescu and Ken Tomiyasu to name just a few. I hope you enjoy it.


What's in this month...
Interview: Jeremy Love

The Sketchbook of: Joe Weatherly

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 2D Artworks

Tutorial Series: Painting Tribal Warriors - Chapter 5: Fantasy by Ignacio Bazan Lazcano

Tutorial Series: Designing Your Own World - Chapter 2: Design and Hippie Anatomy
by David Smit and
Nadia Karroue

Tutorial Series: Matte Painting - Chapter 5: Transforming the Time of Day
by Piotrek Swigut

Tutorial Series: Character Portrayal - Chapter 3:
by Jason Seiler

Making Of: Loftslag Blade - Project Overview
by David Munoz

Promotion: Digital Art Masters:v5 - Free Chapter Book Promotion