In issue 123 master speed painter Massimo Porcella shows us how to paint a light filled scene in only 30 minutes. Take a sneaky peek here!


Hi everybody! I’m Massimo Porcella and I am a freelance concept artist at Untold Games, Foofa Studios and Milestone, and a concept and environment design tutor at iMasterArt. In this tutorial I will show you how to quickly create, in only 30 minutes, a sci-fi speed painting using structural shapes, texturing and color.


Idea and sketch

Let’s start with a black and white color palette, to create a composition. Now that I have these tonal values I can start to give a structure to my idea with a quick sketch. I close this phase by drawing an entrance in the background in order to create a basic structure that will help me to block the composition in the next steps.


A quick black and white value sketch helps to block in the composition


Perspective and shape

I need to create a shape that will define the style of my speed painting. I want to indicate that this is a sci-fi scene so the structure is typically industrial looking. In this case I won’t use a structural shape as a main subject, but as an anatomical extension of my environment. I quickly draw a perspective to finish my sketch, making sure every object is in the right position.


A structure helps to define the style of the painting


The structure can be used as an extension of the environment

The structure can be used as an extension of the environment



Check the positioning of your objects with perspective lines

The final piece

See how Massimo completes this awesome image in the full tutorial in Issue 123 of 2dartist!




The final piece

The final piece