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What in this month…
The beauty of tragedy: Illustrator Bastien Lecouffe Deharme discusses his emotionally charged work

Powerful game environments: Discover the compelling work of concept artist Blake Rottinger

2dartist sketching: A look back: Rediscover some of the inspiring sketches and artist tips from the past 10 years

The Gallery: 10 inspiring images from artists including Michael Michera and Tamires Para

Speed paint from real life references: Danilo Lombardo shows how you can create an urban scene in only a few hours

Paint an elfin warrior: Wendy Yoon demonstrates how to create a fantasy scene with simple Photoshop techniques

Create a sci-fi composition: Learn the essential elements for creating a successful sci-fi composition

Photoshop fundamentals: Brush up on your Photoshop basics with this guide to the software’s interface

Harmonious sci-fi design: Przemek Duda shows how he created a visual reference for his futuristic Symbiont World

Digital Art Master: Jose Daniel Cabrera Pena: Learn how to create an historical battle scene with this look inside Digital Art Masters: Volume 9

Issue 121 | January 2016
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Welcome to 2dartist issue 121!

Welcome to issue 121! 2dartist is now 10 years old, so this month we’ve decided to take a look back at the sketchbooks of some of our favorite artists who have appeared in the magazine over the years. We also have a new feature starting this month, the Challenge gallery, a monthly competition where you can win a £60 voucher and have your work featured in the magazine!

This month’s issue also features interviews with Bastien Lecouffe Deharme and Blake Rottinger and we see how Przemek Duda created his harmonious sci-fi world Symbiont World. We also have 10 more inspiring gallery images and tutorials on speed painting, Photoshop fundamentals, sci-fi compositions and painting a fantasy elf warrior. Enjoy!

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